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Something which I learned last year is that most preconceived ideas which the large majority of us have around botox injections, are probably wrong. This was certainly the case for me. For my  were absolutely brilliant with me and I have to say that the entire process was perfect, and far different from what I had originally anticipated. I wanted to share that experience for any of you who wishes to get rid of some wrinkles on the face, yet isn’t sure whether or not botox is a good idea. For my money, it most certainly is, and here is what you can expect.

Great Prices

I must confess that until I started seriously looking into what the prices of the injections were, I would’ve thought that botox injections would have come at a large cost. Not only was this not the case but the more I started looking the more promotions I saw from the various clinics which were offering the injections. This meant that getting botox became instantly easier for me to do.

Discussing Action

Once I walked into the clinic for my appointment I sat down with the surgeon who discussed what would happen when I got the injections. She also asked me what exactly I was looking for in terms of results. I spoke about how I wanted the wrinkles smoothed over, yet not necessarily pumped up. This was an important conversation because it is how you can decide upon how much botox should be injected.

The Injections

Something which the surgeon was quick to tell and show me was that the botox solution which was being used, was both brand new and in date. She told me that if the products are not in date that this is where you run the risk of having an adverse reaction, so be sure to always check the date of the botox before it is administered. When you get the injections, mine were in my forehead and around both eyes, you will feel nothing more than a slight scratch and a quick injection. Because the needle goes just under the skin rather than into a muscle or flesh, the injections are very quick indeed and it will all be over before you know it.

Additional Points

Once the injections are completed you will be asked to make a series of facial expressions for perhaps around 10 minutes, this will aid in spreading the botox around underneath the skin. The results will be seen within a week following your injections and you can expect to see them for between 3 and 6 months. During this time it is essential that you have a good skincare routine which will help to maintain the effects of the botox.

This is all you can expect really, there isn’t much more to it. I’d say that from the moment that I entered the clinic to the moment that I left, took no more than 25 minutes.

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Jenny Cass