Top Tips for Healthy Eyes from an Optometrist Fort Myers – Wanna Smile

Taking care of you vision should always be a top priority, which is why regular visits to an  are essential. However, there are a number of things you can do between visits to maintain your eye health. To find out how to protect your sight, take a look at these top tips for healthy eyes now:

1. Take Screen Breaks

If your work involves sitting at a desk, staring at a screen all day, you may have already noticed your eyes feeling tired or gritty. Of course, watching TV, playing games on your phone or browsing the web for long periods of time can have the same effect too.

Screens tend to make your eyes feel dry and tired because we blink less when we’re using them. You can combat this by taking regular breaks and focusing your eyes elsewhere. Looking into the distance for around 20-30 seconds every 20 minutes can be enough to refresh your eyes and prevent them from becoming dry or tired.

2. Check Your Family History

Many of the health problems that affect our eyes can be hereditary, which is why it’s important to know your family’s medical history. If family members have experienced cancer or aneurysm, for example, be sure to let your optometrist know as this could increase your own risk of eye problems. In addition to this, there are many seemingly unrelated health issues that can impact your eyes, including  and hypertension. By disclosing these issues to your optometrist, you can ensure that potential risk factors are investigated appropriately.

3. Clean Makeup Brushes

If you wear eye makeup, it’s essential to clean your brushes, mascara wands or applicators at regular intervals. Once opened, makeup products can be a prime spot for bacteria to grow, which can cause eye infections and discomfort. As well as washing brushes regularly monitor how long products have been opened and discard them after three months. Similarly, don’t be tempted to share makeup or brushes, as this can increase the risk of infections being transferred from one person to another.

4. Wear Sunglasses

Sunlight can be extremely damaging to your eyes and may even cause cataracts, , and an eye condition known as pterygium. Even on cloudy days, the sun’s rays could be causing harm to your sight, which is why it’s advisable to wear sunglasses whenever you’re out and about. However, make sure that the glasses you choose offer protection from both UVA and UVB rays.

5. Stop Rubbing Your Eyes

We tend to rub our eyes when we feel tired, stressed, or anxious, but this can be a sure-fire way to introduce germs to the area. Furthermore, you could inadvertently cause foreign objects, such as dust or dirt, to scratch your eyes when you do this. Although it can be a hard habit to break, make a conscious effort to stop rubbing your eyes if you want to protect your vision.

Taking Care of Your Eye Health

As well as incorporating healthy habits into your day-to-day regime, it’s important to have regular checkups too. By visiting your optometrist for routine appointments, you can ensure that any issues are identified quickly and that preventative measures can be taken to protect your health and your sight.