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Working out without a fitness plan is like flailing around in the dark without a flashlight. You won’t get anywhere fast. Without a proper fitness plan, it will be difficult to reach your end goal. To be able to achieve your overall fitness goals, one must have a regular exercise routine, balanced nutrition, and make this a regular part of life. Creating a fitness plan helps you keep track of your daily activities. Every woman is busy, be it a career woman or a stay-at-home mom. Here are some simple tips you can keep in mind regarding how to stay in shape.

Workout First Thing in the Morning

Do everything early in the morning, as this will hinder you from any activity that may come along during the day. You need to stabilize a routine in your life and keep regularly exercising no matter how busy life gets. This includes vacations through  and similar. You need nutrients like Vitamin D and a plan for what you eat all throughout the day. A big desire and discipline is a must in any goal that we aim for. Really simple workouts are effective, such as sit-ups, jogging in place, stretching, and some light lifting. Exercise at least 3-4 days a week. This will definitely help you in your daily life routines. You will be amazed how exercise helps manage stress and your sleeping habits will improve.

Eat a Healthy Hearty Meal

It is important to eat 3-5 small meals a day and to eat on time, so you won’t lack energy and feel lethargic. When you diet for the wrong reason you will feel cranky and tired. It is all about discipline. There are various diet plans to consider and choose from. You have to be committed to your plan.

Get a Fitness Buddy

Sharing a fitness goal with someone is a good motivation to have. Whether it is a friend or a work colleague, working out together with someone obliges you to follow a schedule. You can both have an exercise date than to go and take a coffee or eat in a fancy restaurant.  You do not need to make your workout routine complicated. Gain the benefit of interacting with others who share your goals.

Despite your full packed day of work or errands, exercising should be a priority. This helps us keep it going in our daily routine. When we are busy, it is easy to stop exercising since it takes time and we have too many things on our to-do list.  However, we all know how that will harm us in the long-run. It should always be kept on our list.  No matter how busy life can be, keeping in shape is a good top priority.  Not only will it help us feel great about ourselves, but it will also help with making sure we get to feel great in our lives for much longer.  Keep it up, and you got this!

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Jenny Cass