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For any woman who has worries abut her breasts or about any kind of tests which have been taken or which will be taken, the internet is not a good place to go. In fact, beyond searching for things such as ‘’ or ‘where to get an ultrasound’ the internet really is somewhere that you should avoid.

This is very true with regards to a wide range of health complaints but it is especially true in the case of women and breast problems. This is why it is essential that you resist the temptation to search for things online relating to your breast health.

Always The Worst

For most of us the human brain is conditioned to think the worst and to come up with the worse possible scenario for what is wrong with us. To this end it is very easy to start searching for something online and in 10 minutes you could have diagnosed yourself with terminal breast cancer. This is of course a possibility but it is not for you to diagnose yourself, and certainly not through the use of a search engine.

No Changes

Even if you could use the internet to put your finger on what is exactly wrong with you, there is absolutely nothing that this is going to change. Your appointment will still take place on the same day and at the same time as it would right now, and ultimately all you are going to do is put more fear in your mind, and then spend the remaining time before your appointment in a state of dread. There is nothing you can find online that is going to tell you exactly what is wrong with you.

Probably Nothing

In the overwhelming number of cases, most women are found to have absolutely nothing going on after they have had an ultrasound, and the odds are really in your favor. Now whilst it is important not to think the worst, it is also important that you don’t anticipate the best. If you do this and firmly believe that there is nothing wrong with you then the news will be far harder to take if there is a problem. Try to remain neutral, ignore those feelings of fear and focus on getting through each hour until the time has come for your appointment.

Filled With Trash

The honest truth is that there is so much trash out there online and you don’t have to be qualified to write any of it. There are some trusted websites of course but you can also find yourself on some sites and forums which have swathes of information which has never been fact checked and which quite frankly could have been written by just about anyone.

Stay off the internet, try to stay calm and your appointment will be here before you know it, and then at least you will have an accurate picture of what is happening.

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Jenny Cass