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People get busy. Whether during the holidays, during the school year, or just during summertime getaways, it is hard to make time for anything, even health and wellness. While any New Years’ resolution may include commitments to go to the gym, the reality of life is that there are many late work nights, social commitments, and other engagements that get in the way. With Glo, you can workout whenever and wherever you may be with yoga online courses.

What is Glo?

Founded in 2007, Glo Yoga is a program that started in Santa Monica with Derik Mills and Ryan Mills, two brothers who set out to make yoga into an online regimen that anyone can access. With over a decade of history, this program has expanded with the help of members and the teacher community, empowering people far beyond the physical movements on their yoga mat.

Throughout these courses, you will find expert information on rich subject matter, even diving in to the importance of the chakras. Every online class is an opportunity for both improving the body and enlightening the mind. You will learn a steady rhythm that helps you create new goals and develop new skills that go beyond the classroom, and you will learn how to effectively meditate to leave all your stress behind.

The Engaging Instructors

No matter how busy people may get, the need for social interaction is ever-present, and the  classes help to fill that need as well. Running this class are a group of global instructors, who are praised for their constant attention and impressive expertise on many different workout methods. By engaging with these instructors, you can fill your social and wellness needs from the same online yoga program.

The teachers are experienced and certified to provide a world-class experience for participants, offering their own understanding of the classic yoga texts and traditions. They are devoted to their art and introducing others to their knowledge.

Introductory and Experienced Class Levels

 Yoga online courses are designed to fit a range of fitness levels and life stages, so there are several introductory classes that suit beginners. Classes are set up to accommodate beginners, individuals who are familiar with fitness but not yoga, and far beyond. As you settle in to the class, you’ll be shown how to do basic poses and techniques that meet your skill level.

Some of the included courses are:

– Glo Meditation, which includes mantra chanting, guided visualization, and breathwork.

– Glo Pilates, which strengthens the core muscles through classic Pilates or a cardio routine

– Glo Yoga, which incorporates multiple skills for any life stage

– Conditioning, for greater strength and toning throughout the body

These online courses are designed to work with your routine, which is why there are a range of options. Whether you have a few minutes before work or you want to do a long routine before going to sleep, Glo Yoga classes have you covered.

Starting Glo Yoga

Right now, Glo costs nothing. Everyone has different needs from their workout and wellness regimens and enrolling in an online yoga class is still a major commitment. To make sure this program meets the needs of participants, there’s a free trial right now to get a taste of what Glo offers.

Users just need to download the Glo iOS app to get started, though the programs are available for download as well for offline use. The yoga online classes can also be connected with the App Watch or the Apple TV app, which are included with the cost of membership.

What Are You Waiting For?

The entire mission of the Glo Yoga program is to “create intelligent tools that challenge people to live a fulfilling life.” Are you up for the challenge?