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Marriage anniversary is considered as the day when you revive your old memories with your partner. For those who are caught up in their houses, and cannot go out for a wine-n-dine thing on their anniversary this year, fret not! We are here to rescue you with some easy ways to celebrate your anniversary at home. Come, let’s diggin’-

  1. Breakfast in Bed- Start your anniversary celebration with hotel-like feels, and give your partner a nicely made and beautifully presented breakfast-in-bed. For the breakfast menu, you can go for some scrambled eggs, brown-bread toast, freshly brewed coffee, and a bowl of freshly chopped fruits. Place them in a tray with a flower from your balcony (not precisely rose) and a hand-written good morning note. You are good to go!
  2. Record a Video Message- Sit down in your balcony or maybe in the drawing-room (or anywhere else) and record a very casual but beautiful message for your partner. If you prefer, you can ask your family and friends to be part of this video, or you can make it all alone. Present this video to your partner with a peck on the forehead.
  3. Write a Love Letter- Go old-school and write a heart-warming love letter for your partner. Add some famous love quotes, poems, songs, or maybe a filmy dialogue in your letter. Make it more heartfelt by sharing that feeling when you first saw your partner on the marriage day as a groom or bride. The more you will feel while writing it will make your partner fall for you, all over again.
  4. Organise a Small Party- Now that some essential services have begun, like , Delhi, Hyderabad, and other regions of the country, how about a small party? Sounds great, right? So, decorate your house and cook some yummy meals with your partner. But keep the cake as a surprise and amaze them when finally it reaches your doorstep. Go for a heart-shaped cake or maybe a photo cake to let your partner jump in happiness.
  5. Memory Treasure Box- Both of you share lots of memories from the past. Like that first piece of clothing you bought for them, that piece of jewellery, maybe that first letter you received, that first date bill, etc. Recollect all of them and get them at one place, maybe in a cardboard box (or go for an empty container from the kitchen). Wrap it with old newspapers and stick a card on it with a lovely message. Tada.. your gift is all ready, and we bet, both of you are going to rewind the stories behind everything that comes out of that mystery box.
  6. Fresh Flower Bouquets- If you have a house garden or a small one in your balcony, then it might be blooming with flowers. Take a few of those flowers and rinse them with water to avoid insects and keep them fresher. Now using a newspaper, make a bouquet with these flowers (search online for tutorial), and top this hand-made bouquet with a hand-written note. If you do not have flowers at home, go online and buy a beautiful flower bouquet for your partner.
  7. Cook a Meal- The Internet is full of recipes that are lockdown-friendly, i.e., dishes which can be made with least ingredients and are easy to cook. So, search for one such recipe online that your partner might be yearning from so long. Make that recipe for your partner and serve them with a smile on your face. You both might be already cooking and meeting those #couplegoals in the lockdown, but then a special dish for your lovely soulmate made solely by you can be #partnergoals.

These are all such gestures and gifts that are quarantine-approved and require more creativity than energy. So, without going out on a fancy dinner date with your spouse, make your home a happier place with such celebratory gestures for your partner. XOXO

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