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When I first moved down to Austin, Texas it was something of a culture shock for me and my family, who had been living in New York for almost 15 years. Down here in Texas there was more space, more kindness, and a far more relaxed lifestyle. Speaking of kindness we were excited to find out that our new neighbor would be a man called , a doctor at the local hospital.

I later learned that throughout his career Dr.Olade had worked throughout the medical field, he was as pacifist in diseases and disorders, he had spent many years becoming an expert in internal medicine and even did a bit of surgery here and there. As much as I wanted to ask him about my recent back pain and what action I should take, I had quite reached that stage with him just yet. After a grill in my back yard, and a couple of light ales, Dr. Olade agreed for me to go and see him the following day. I had a small list of health complains and expected to be blinded by science when I met him, things didn’t go as planned.

Dressing Down

After some niceties we sat down and discussed my lifestyle, I recoiled as I spoke about how much I drank, slept and ate, who little I exercised and told him about some family history. I was expecting my friendly neighbor to refer me somewhere but he proceeded in giving me quite the dressing down, and I couldn’t really argue with him. Now that I look back, I realize that this was him being nice, he wanted me to change.


We spent the next hour talking about how health is not something which is difficult, especially not in today’s world. If you think about it for long enough, you know deep inside that it is easy to be healthy, exercise daily, drink lots of water, sleep well, eat less sugar and salt and ensure that you have a calorie deficit each day. Anyone who thinks eating hamburgers and candy each and every day will lead to a healthy lifestyle is lying to themselves, and this is what Dr. Olade told me. Something he said which struck a nerve with me was that medicine is highly complicated yet most of it only needs to be because people don’t do the stuff that isn’t in fact complicated.


What was said that day was quickly forgotten about when we got back to ‘neighbor mode’ but it really resonated with me, how dare I go looking for quick wins from a doctor just because I was too lazy or in denial to fix things on my own. I have since lost weight, increased my exercise and my water intake, I drink less and I feel great, needless to say that backache for which I thought tablets could cure, has now gone.

It really isn’t as hard as we make it out to be.

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