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That Old Saying About An Ounce Of Prevention Is Still True

You’ve likely heard that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure—this is an old saying that’s as true today as . It means this: though it may cost you something to prevent a future outcome which isn’t directly determinable, it will cost you more to deal with the issue after it has caused some severe upset down the line.

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One area where this is exceptionally relevant is as regards injury. Sometimes you’ve been injured without realizing it. Sometimes a recurring, chronic, or acute pain is your body telling you something is wrong which you need to deal with soon, before it becomes a major issue. Especially as you age, these considerations are necessary even with minor aches and pains.

However, it’s notable that such preventative steps aren’t only for the elderly. Are you an athlete? Do you play sports recreationally? Do you bike, hike, or pursue other athletic activities which require you to push yourself a little? Well, these things can easily result in injuries you directly experience. Simultaneously, they can result in hidden injuries you don’t notice for a while.

Injuries Don’t Always Result In Immediate Pain

When your body is hurt initially, it doesn’t always exhibit immediate organic responses. Sometimes it can take a few hours or days—even weeks in some cases—for secondary effects of an injury to manifest. You might have an issue in your hand or wrist from playing backyard badminton with your aunt. You might not notice for a week.

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But what might happen in this situation is, when you turn one of your wrists left or right, you hear a popping sound, or feel a sudden shooting pain. Maybe you didn’t notice this until after you swung at the birdie hard, missed, stumbled, and rolled in the grass. Well, it could very well be that you’ve got a hairline fracture.

Even worse, you could have an actual break which only manifests when you move your arm a certain way. For issues such as this, you’d be well advised to seek the services of a .

Some Injuries Come From Old Age, Rather Than Accident

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Sometimes you’ve got deep-seated aches and pains that develop not from injury, but from age. Sometimes you just stubbed your toe the right way at the wrong time, developing an injury. Sometimes you’ve got a congenital degenerative condition that didn’t manifest until you were more mature.

Many different things can contribute to health issues internally. There are situations where you can work with the right sort of medical people to prevent such problems from getting worse, or happening at all. In other situations, you’re beyond the prevention stage and your best option for pain alleviation will be treatment through an , or wherever you are.

There Are Almost Always Therapy Options

Even if you’re in the midst of serious pain from a preventable injury, that doesn’t mean your beyond some form of treatment. New therapies develop all the time, and modern medicine is presently proceeding into the molecular realm of human anatomy.

Genetic options, stem cell research, nanotechnology and more can provide solutions that were unimaginable even a few years ago. What this means for you, young or old, is that if you’re feeling pain from something you could not prevent, that doesn’t mean you’ve got to go on as though there’s no hope.

At minimum, you should get a check up through local medical professionals to see what options you have. If you’re not feeling pain, it also makes sense to get checked out to see if preventative measures exist so you can avoid common issues in the future.