Popular Vape Oil Flavors on the Market Today – Wanna Smile

Vape oils are commonly made using cannabis products, and then the other ingredients of vape juices are added. Therefore, they also contain PG, VG, water, and flavors. Vape oils are also made from essential oils with medicinal properties. This gives these vape oils their appealing flavors.

If you prefer to go for vape oil flavors that are the most popular, this article is for you. To the surprise of many, vapers can enjoy flavors such as raspberry, vanilla, mint, banana, or sweet cream in their CBD or marijuana CBD oil. That said, let us look at the popular vape oil flavors on the market today.

E-Puffer Vape Juices

Whether you are looking for vape oils or vape juices,. E-Puffer focuses on regular vape juices rather than vape oils, but they do have some that are made with pure tobacco. They come in different flavors, which has given them a big reputation in the UK and all over the world. You have the option of choosing grape shisha, English flake tobacco, and cherry shisha among many others.

CBDfx Vape Juices

The company produces a series of CBD-based vape oils, and they are all over the market today. Their popular flavors include blueberry, strawberry kiwi, and fruity cereal among others. According to experts, they produce their e-juice inside state-of-the-art labs in Southern California. The good thing is that you have your order shipped quickly to your destination by reputable vape juice sellers.

Nature’s Script

This company focuses on CBD vape oil, and you can trust any of their products. If you are obsessed with attractive flavors, then you can go for their fruity flavors, cocktails, and other flavors. According to reviewers, their products give great value for the money. The fact that the VG/PG is 70/30 gives a great balance between throat hit and smoothness for a superior experience.

Hemp Bombs Vape Oils

We all know that hemp is one of the best sources of CBD. It is also used to make CBD vape oil by Hemp Bombs. Their series comes in different flavors that you can trust such as mango, watermelon, and strawberry among many others. When buying their products, make sure that the colorful branding of their name is present to avoid losing your money. But if you buy from legit sellers, you will get the vape oil flavors that you deserve.

Secret Nature

This brand produces both marijuana and CBD hemp vape oils. Their vape oil flavors will spoil you for choices especially if you are not decided on exactly what you want to choose. Just like other popular producers of vape juices and oils, they have fruity and cocktail flavors. Cream and candy are also in their line, and you should check out these popular vape sellers to see what they have.


When picking vape oil flavors, it is good that you thoroughly check what the manufacturer offers. Some have amazingly good mixed flavors that will entice you and give you a great vaping experience. Choose wisely.