Plasma pen perfection – the only skin treatment you need – Wanna Smile

As we get older, we start to have to face some harsh realities. Not many people are aware, but our largest organ is actually our skin. Inside and outside, it covers and protects most of our body. Unfortunately, with age it is also one of the areas that shows the effects of time the most.

Over the years our skin becomes thinner and more prone to tearing and damage. One of the most obvious manifestation of age is around the neck where skin can start hanging ever looser and looser eventually forming the classic old age wattles. Eyes have always been a focal point of attention when it comes to attractiveness, unfortunately with time the skin over our eyelids also becomes loose and eyes can be very distinctive, easy to pick up cues as to the age of a person. All of these manifestations of wrinkling and sagging are down to loss of collagen and skin drying for a variety of reasons.

So, what can be done? For some years now it has become the natural assumption that Botox is the only way to go as a partial treatment though it cannot help with the neck or eye problems above. This is assuming you want to avoid the potentially painful and risky surgical interventions.

When we asked Janette Vince from  in a recent catch up she had an alternative suggestion for us.

“You don’t need surgery, fillers or Botox for skin tightening. We use the newer plasma pens that do a much gentler job really effectively.”, was her take on the matter.

Apparently, plasma pens make use of the bodies own systems to build up and develop fresh layers of collagen, the very thing the skin had lost. Rather than a harsh peeling away this tightens up the skin, even over the eyelids, and can result in tighter skin that lasts for years. There is also nothing put into your body that it did not make itself so no worries about anything ‘going bad’ or needing removal.

The treatment is simplicity itself and the after care required is more a matter of common sense than anything else. Keeping the areas clean and free of make up for a period until fully healed. Avoiding plasters or covering the treated area. In the case of men, yes there are many men who love this treatment as well, it is advisable to avoid shaving the treated area until it has settled.

There are some immediate and noticeable effects of the plasma pen but as you might expect with the body having to manufacture the collagen the full glory of the results takes a while to show. For a period up to 8 or 12 weeks there will be continuous evidence of improvement, plumping out and tightening of the affected skin areas. Once this has completed, as mentioned, the effect is very long lasting and, in some cases, appears to be permanent. Not only that but the stimulation of the skin actually produces a reaction that can slow up some of the aging processes giving a double whammy of a benefit!

Ellie Morris