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There are a number of telltale signs that you are using the wrong hair salon and today we are going to share some of them with you. This is something which came to mind after a black friend of mine realized that the salon she was using didn’t understand how to deal with her hair. The hair of black people is completely different to work with than that of a white person, once she recognized things weren’t going well it was off to Google to search ‘’. My friend now found a great salon which deals with black hair better, and of course her weaves look absolutely amazing and so much better than the past.

So what other telltale signs are there that you maybe need to change hair salons?

Customer Service

As times have changed I feel that so many service industries have placed a higher focus on the results for their customers than the actual service which they offer them, and the hair salon is a place that I would include here. For so many years the salon was where you could go to be pampered and enjoy some great conversation and some high level service. If this is something which you are not getting in your salon then it is certainly time to switch things up.

No Appointments

If your salon is super popular then it must mean that they are doing something right, with this being said if it gets to the point where you have to book 2 months in advance for an appointment then this is not a good thing. After all imagine if you need to get in quick ahead of an event at the weekend, a long wait time is too frustrating and you may have to start looking elsewhere.

Repeated Mistakes

Everyone can forgive a mistake, be it a poor cut, a cancelled appointment or even an error in the appointments which leaves you double booked. A single, isolated event is one thing but repeated mistakes is something which we shouldn’t forgive and that again would be time where you need to switch hair salons and find somewhere which learns from its mistakes. If this is happening to you then it is time to cut the cord.

Price Hikes

Costs going up makes perfect sense for any business, but there is a way in which to do it so that your customers do not feel the pain right away. If a salon suddenly hikes its prices up by large amounts then they are probably trying to capitalize on the custom which it has. This however is not the way to do things and businesses should always focus on gradually increasing their prices, and doing so with full transparency and communication with their customers

A great hair salon is hard to find but they are out there, the key will be understanding when it is time to stop using your current salon.

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Jenny Cass