Is Online Dating in the Works for You? – Wanna Smile

If online dating has crossed your mind, how confident are you that you will end up meeting the right person?

According to, by 2035, more than half of relationships in England will have begun via online dating.

With that in mind, are you going to give online dating a chance to brighten your personal life?

Always Make Personal Safety a Top Priority

If you are considering going down the online dating road, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Your safety matters – As excited as you may be about online dating, never put your safety on the backburner. So, make sure you focus on safety even when excited about the idea of meeting one or more individuals. The last thing you want to do is jeopardize your safety and end up getting hurt in more ways than one. When planning a date with one you’ve begun talking to online, be sure to let someone close to you know the date plans. Letting them know where you plan to go, who you are meeting etc. is smart. You also should always meet someone new in a public venue. If something does not seem right to you about the planned date, move on from it.
  2. Do some research – With all the information out there on the Internet, you would be smart to put some of it to use for you. So, take the time to do some research on a prospective date. You can go online if you have a person’s full name and any other key details to see if their background is in fact true or a lie. If someone is feeding you lies, do you in fact want to meet them in the first place? An example would be if they say they are divorced but in fact are still married. You could go online to see if in fact show the person to be divorced. Last, keep in mind one may be in the middle of a divorce and emotionally and physically available to date. If so, you have to decide if it may be too soon to see someone like that or not.
  3. Where are you at with emotions? – Before you head into online dating, it is important to know your own emotional status. Are you recently coming out of a relationship? If yes, will you be emotionally available for someone interested in you? There is no sense to get involved in online dating if you are not able to put your entire self into it. You may want something simple and not jump into another relationship right away.
  4. Have some fun with it – No matter where you are at when it comes to emotions and dating others, have some fun with it. As long as you are upfront with others, the odds of one or more people having their feelings hurt is minimal. Going out on fun dates whether with one person or meeting various people over time; should be a focus for you.

When online dating is in the works for you, what are your expectations?

Ellie Morris