Is CBD Oil Similar to Marijuana? – Wanna Smile

Marijuana is derived from the same plant known as cannabis plant. The plant is cultivated in many parts of the world quite openly as well as secretly. This shows that the plant as such has properties that may not go well with the health of human beings in general. Marijuana is product of the plant that when smoked causes hallucination as well changes in behavior including mind altering affects. Continued use of marijuana makes a person an addict and destroys his nerves and other parts of his brain and even results in death.

Yet, in smaller quantities compounds that are contained in cannabis plant are reported to be of high medical value. Recently, studies carried out by experts in this field suggest that the plant contains several hundred compounds of which CBD and THC are among the most researched. The extract from the plant in the name of cbd oil has been in news in recent times due to its therapeutic qualities. In fact, the best cbd oil is now often seen in both online as well as offline stores all over the world.

Buy Hemp Oil and Not Marijuana

Although both the compounds like CBD and THC are found in the cannabis plant yet they have different properties. Research studies have revealed that what is cbd oil is definitely not marijuana. This means the compound that is contained in large quantities namely THC is a cause of health concern for people. When people inhale marijuana it causes mind altering affect and within no time the individual becomes a totally different person having lost control of one own self. Marijuana creates hallucination and is toxic to body’ normal functioning.

It is now well established that delta 9 THC is the most active constituent of marijuana and that gives it this toxic mind changing power. Although marijuana contains both THC and CBD their quantities differ.

When you buy hemp oil it is seen to be milder than marijuana as the latter contains high levels of THC compound. So, it is easier and less risky to go for cbd oil buy if you have pain or get rid of your epilepsy or other stress disorders. Once you gain cbd oil experience you will notice dramatic changes happening where there are some traumatic conditions.

Processing of CBD by Human Body

When you take cbd drop as per prescribed dozes or what instruction on the label suggests you will find that you have already started to make alteration to the dreaded condition that you have been subjected to. It must be remembered that CBD are compounds that are concentrated in cbd oils. Again, the uses of these oils as sold in the market also vary. Whereas THC is psychoactive, CBD is quite risk free and do not alter the mind. Hemp plants that are cultivated by farmers are legal if the plants have less than 0.3% THC. Hence, there is great deal of cultivation of this particular type of hemp and marketing of best cbd oil extracted from it.

Another interesting fact of our body is that it produces its own few cannabinoids. For this it also has two receptors and in biological terms these are known as CB1 and CB2. The CB1 receptors are found throughout our body including several in the brain while CB2 receptors are commonly found in areas of the immune system.

According to latest studies by experts the cbd oil influences our body’s own receptors to function and produce their own cannabinoids.

Overall Benefits to Human Health

There are numerous ways that cbd oil is good for. In fact, it relieves natural pain in quite a risk free way. It has been found to be very effective in reducing chronic inflammation too. Uses of oil can be of different ways as indicated on the package sold by the manufacturers. You may buy hemp oil if you wish treat yourself for addiction disorders or for withdrawal affect of smoking.

It is one of the best medicines to treat anxiety and mood related pain as well as insomnia.

But the most established treatment where the FDA has given its stamp of approval is that of treatment of epilepsy with best cbd oil. If you are in a foreign country then  for instance or any other region. The quality of directly extracted oil is indeed remarkable.

The uses of CBD for treatment of patients with schizophrenia, acne, Alzheimer’s disease and type1 diabetes have been found to be satisfactory. Yet some school of thoughts do point out that these are only in research stage and more studies need to be carried out. There are several lab based projects where it is being tested whether CBD helps in curing cancer.

Finally, there is still some ambiguity regarding the legality of sale of cbd oil yet there are no restrictions as such on sale of cbd drop as it has been found safe for humans.