Importance of OB GYN visit: Every Woman Needs to Know – Wanna Smile

It’s difficult to find a woman who looks forward to visiting an Ob-gyn. Cold hands, uncomfortable paper gown, and the classic speculum are enough to brush off the idea. Perhaps the most frightening reason is finding that there could be something wrong with their reproductive health. The good news is regularly visiting your ob-gyn for an annual exam has a profound effect on keeping your reproductive health under control, preventing possible complications.

What Can an OB/GYN Do for You?

A gynecologist visit is essential for your reproductive health. During your initial visit, your ob gyn will:

  • Work with you to better understand how your reproductive system works
  • They will guide you on how to protect yourself when having sex
  • They will educate you on how normal virginal discharge should or should not look like.

Why is Visiting an OB/GYN important?

According to an , your journey to good reproductive health begins with identifying a qualified and trustworthy ob-gyn. Contrary to popular beliefs, visiting your gynecologist should not be a terrifying experience. If you have not scheduled your annual OB/GYN appointment yet, here are a few reasons why you should do it today.

Overall Health

According to the , women from ages 13-15 need an annual OB/GYN exam. The physical examination will obtain vital information, including your body mass index, palpating the abdomen and the inguinal lymph nodes. In case you have a mild to a severe issue with your reproductive health, a visit to the OB/GYN will help identify it early.

Breast Exams

Fortunately, most women in the U.S can perform a self-breast exam monthly without a clinical visit. However, it is essential to have a clinical breast exam done once a year with your OB/GYN. Getting this check will ensure you did not miss anything during your monthly self-examination.

Birth Control

In case you use birth control actively, you mustn’t miss an OB/GYN appointment. Our bodies change, and over time, your choice of birth control might not be suitable. A visit to your gynecologist will help access your condition and the most appropriate birth control to use at a particular time. Since the birth control market is continually evolving, you’ll get better insights into better options available.

Discuss menstrual issues

Due to several reasons, your menstrual cycle may change and become irregular. In case you have been bleeding more than usual or missed your period for a couple of months, you must see a gynecologist immediately. Failure to do so may lead to reproductive issues affecting your overall health.

Painful cramps or sex

Different people have different pain tolerances, but if you have to use painkillers when having cramps or when your sexual experiences are painful, an OB/GYN visitation is essential. Living off pain medication monthly is not suitable for your liver. It’s also not normal for sex to hurt, which could point towards a problem.


Regular OB/GYN examinations will allow you to get vaccinations that you need, including Pneumovax and flu. Also, young women need to get an HPV vaccine; a visit to the gynecologist will make sure the vaccine is up to date.

Bottom line

Every woman needs to take the initiative when it comes to their reproductive health. In case you experience painful intercourse, excessive bleeding, bladder infections, or breast complications, schedule an appointment with your OB/GYN for a pelvic exam.