How to Improve Your Self Perception – Wanna Smile

How you see yourself is incredibly important. People with low self-esteem due to feeling unworthy of love or respect tend to suffer from other effects such as anxiety or depression. This is why improving self-perception is so necessary. It might sound vain or selfish, but it is hugely difficult to improve other aspects of our lives if we don’t tackle the root problem first. Take a look at some of these tips to help boost your self-perception and start to love yourself more.

Make Changes Where You Can

If you don’t like your appearance and feeling unattractive is getting you down, one way to tackle this issue is to tweak the little things you have control over. You would be surprised by how effective a slight change can be to your overall mood and impression of yourself. For example, if your acne is causing you bother, invest some time and effort into investigating the problem and looking for a solution. If you want a new haircut that better suits your face and highlights your best features, check out . While external changes might seem to be only a temporary fix, they can make a difference in how you feel about yourself.

Identify Your Triggers

Some of us have triggers that can set us off and make us feel bad about ourselves. These can come in so many different forms, such as a particular word or a certain place. Maybe you feel unhappy about yourself around a particular group of people. Once you have a better idea as to what might trigger your feelings of low self-worth, figure out ways to either avoid them or cope with them. Some triggers can’t be cut from your life entirely, so it’s important to  and learn how to cope.

Seek Professional Guidance

Low self-esteem can cause many other issues in life. If you constantly feel bad about yourself, it can be hard to take care of yourself properly or make the best decisions for your future. If this is the case for you, you should definitely consider finding a qualified professional to offer you support. Your mental wellbeing is extremely important and should be cared for properly.

Reframe Your Thinking

How you think is the lens through which you see the world and yourself. Your thoughts are filters that add prejudices to reality and skew perception. This can be incredibly unhelpful, especially when it comes to maintaining healthy self-esteem. Try  to combat the negative influences of unhelpful thinking habits. Eventually, you will learn how to see yourself without the negative lens tainting your perception.

Remember What’s Truly Important

It can be difficult to pull ourselves out of an obsession, especially one that involves our appearance. How we look translates to how we imagine the world perceives us, and if this is unflattering, we might become reluctant to engage with the world at all. Learn to be kinder to yourself and accept your flaws. Everyone has them, and nobody is perfect.

Ellie Morris