How Changing Your Life Can Beat Mesothelioma for Good – Wanna Smile

Mesothelioma is the lethal result of asbestos exposure. Current numbers estimate that from this disease. And there’s no cure, which leads many to believe that a diagnosis is an automatic death sentence.

But look at Paul Kraus as an inspiration. This man was diagnosed almost 21 years ago and continues to live a healthy, positive life today.

So how did he do it?

The answer is in lifestyle change. Paul Kraus did it and so can you.

Be Proactive in Your Approach

Paul Kraus immediately changed his lifestyle upon receiving his diagnosis. He took a proactive approach to his treatment and found a selection of alternative treatment he shared with his doctor.

He developed a collaborative relationship with his doctor and they came up with a treatment program that was different from the conventional treatments most mesothelioma patients receive.

Trying Something New

Paul Kraus didn’t accept that he had to die within a few months after his diagnosis. With depression among cancer patients being so common, he decided to take that proactive approach and try new paths.

For example, he tried Vitamin C treatment, which early research states could help fight back against cancer cells. He also focused on how a healthy diet could potentially stop the growth of the cancer.

Remember that alternative treatments aren’t about treatments that don’t work. They’re simply treatments that have yet to be incorporated into mainstream medical treatments.

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A Change of Diet

The biggest breakthrough Paul Kraus made was with his diet. He completely removed fatty and greasy foods from his diet. He also doesn’t consume red meat any longer.

Through eating a cleaner diet filled with fruits and vegetables, his body had everything it needed to better fight the cancer growing inside him.

He especially focused on fruits that . Cruciferous vegetables played another big role in helping him to survive as they’re proven to contain compounds that actively fight against cancer cells.

Developing an Active Lifestyle

Exercise was another central component in Paul’s continued success. He adopted a program of daily light exercise. Walking, swimming, and other low impact activities helped to keep him fit and healthy. Physically his body was able to combat muscle depletion.

There were also mental health benefits. Exercise has been proven to . Together with regular meditation sessions, Paul was able to prevent despair and continue taking an active interest in his treatment.

Last Word – Anyone Can Survive

Everyone’s story is different, but by following these lifestyle changes you increase your chances of survival. You’re making your body stronger physically and mentally. Even though everyone has different types of mesothelioma, you’re increasing the odds of living longer.

Paul Kraus has proven that mesothelioma doesn’t have to be an automatic death sentence. Do you believe you could change your lifestyle like this?