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In todays world many of us are much less healthy than we should be. We feel too rushed with all the pressures thrown at us and do not eat right, exercise enough or get as much sleep as we should. Since the covid-19 pandemic there are also more of us working from our homes. The problem with working from home is that you may not have the right space or furniture to provide you with a good ergonomically sound work environment. This can lead to hours spent hunched over a keyboard in a cramped space or working in awkward postures for long periods of time.

All these things can either cause injury themselves, such as poor posture or repetitive strain injury, or can lead to us being more prone to injury. Even when you try to look after yourself by, for example, exercising at home without professional guidance it is easy to strain your body in ways it should not be.

When you do get a sprain or injury it can be hard to get to the doctor. Surgeries might be closed for all but critical cases. Appointments may be hard to get.

You should always take advice from a medical professional where available however there are often things you can do to help yourself. For many cases there are support items you can buy to use at home from places like . You may already be familiar with the wrist and knee braces used after sports injuries or surgery but there is much more available to you than that.

If you are one of the people affected by cramped working, or just poor posture and rounded shoulders a posture corrector back and shoulder brace can work wonders. It gently pulls your shoulders and spine into the correct position and lets your body get into the habit of holding itself like that.

You might have discomfort in one or both of your feet for a variety of reasons, arthritis, tendonitis a sprain or fracture for example. In these cases, the support and compression of a foot brace can help protect the feet and ankles, cushioning them from shock. It can improve stability by reducing strain and can also aid the blood flow. Depending on the model some can be worn with or without shoes.

Your knees are easy to damage. Every step puts impact and pressure on the joint. Once a knee has suffered an injury it can be extremely hard to heal and can take a long time. Knee braces are used not just for support post injury but also to help protect the joint from the injury happening in the first place. So, you can use them for your running and not just for your rehabilitation activities.

As you know modern life is not kind to your joints. There are, however, ways you can help protect them and give them the support to heal and repair when needed. Remember that there are solutions out there you can access for yourself to help yourself.

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Jenny Cass