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Sadly the days of families depending on the same doctor for all of their needs has gone, partly because of the new way in which hospitals and doctors operate, and in part because families simply don’t value it as much as they did in the past. With this being said however, I can’t recommend having a family doctor enough and if you are able to, then do it. Here in Waukesha Wisconsin, we, for many years had the amazing  as our family doctor, which was incredible for me and my family. Dr Victoria is a phenomenal doctor who now specializes in Gynecology and Obstetrics at the local hospital where she is also a board member. Prior to her incredible success in the state, she was our family doctor who helped us so much, and here is what family doctor will give you. 


There is just something about going to someone you know with those delicate problems which can give you more confidence, and this was what Victoria Mondloch provided for my family and I. Unfortunately here in Waukesha, Wisconsin, we currently have a different doctor almost every time that we head to the clinic, which can make talking about these issues slightly uncomfortable. 

Knowledge of History

When my auntie got sick 3 years ago, we were incredibly thankful that the warning signs of her cancer were spotted early by Doctor Victoria Mondloch, as it turned out tp be what saved her life. The reason why this was spotted so early by the good doctor is because when she consulted her journal, she realized that my Grandma had the same symptoms prior to her cancer, symptoms which unfortunately weren’t picked up early enough. Having a family doctor means you have someone who knows your family and your history. 

Wide Range of Treatments

Far too many people go to the emergency room when they have an issue, clogging up waiting rooms and forcing people will real emergencies to wait. You would actually be surprised at the huge range of treatments which a family doctor can do for you in the surgery, without you needing to go to hospital at all. The first port of call should always be your local surgery unless there is an absolute emergency. 

Additional Care

As much as they won’t admit it, a doctor who knows both you and your family is more inclined to go that extra mile to ensure that you get the care that you need. They can put you in touch with specialists who they trust, as well as ensuring that you get put with the very best people should you need extra care. Doctors are great people to know generally because they have a huge range of medical and non-medical contacts, a loyal relationship with a family doctor can help you out in numerous ways.

If you have the chance to get a family doctor, my advice would be to take it.

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