Create a wedding invitation suite – Wanna Smile

A wedding invitation is often ignored, and not many people think about it. I had to state it before we start so that you must read carefully whatever we are telling you. One must not ignore the wedding invitation suite. It is the first impression you will give to your guests, therefore it should be designed carefully. 

Many people confuse the wedding invitations with the wedding invitation suites, these are two different things. The are sets of cards. They do not only have the wedding invite, but along with that there will be information about the venue, the directions, and any other necessary detail which your guests will need. 

Why have the wedding invitation suite? 

Many people will wonder or think about it, that why they need to have the wedding invitation suite, instead of the wedding invitation cards? 

Well, the reason to have the wedding invitation suite is to guide the guests properly. no one would have time on your wedding day to help the guests navigate and reach the wedding venue. 

Moreover, Everyone would get ready and dressed up for your wedding so it would be rude to make them search the venue, the main thing about wedding invitation suite, Is the directions and the proper explanation about the venue.

As there will be some old school guests at your wedding and they will expect you to send a response letter to, these response letters when will let you know who is coming to your wedding and who is not. This way you can easily estimate the budget and when you setting so in the long run the wedding invitation suite ,Is going to help you manage your wedding properly.

Things you need to create a wedding invitation suite.

Creating an suite is not difficult all you need to do all you need to do is find out what are you aiming to create. Generally the wedding invitation suite has the following features.

  • Invitation. 
  • Response card. 
  • Postage.
  • Mailing envelope. 

the above mentioned things are the must have parts of a wedding invitation suite. there are a few optional ones which are pretty common when you order it from an expert wedding car designer. Following are the optional features you can add to the wedding invitation suite.

  • Inner envelope.
  • Reception card. 
  • Directions. 
  • Event breakdown. 
  • The wrapper.

Things to write on the wedding invitation. 

While designing the wedding invitation one must start off with a draft. Even though most of the people claim that they know what the wedding invitation would have but when while designing the card they don’t pay heed to the main details.

For instance they wouldn’t write about the exact address of the wedding venue. You must make sure that the wedding venue and its exact address is written in bold letters in the very centre of the wedding invitation.

Next you must clearly mention the time of the wedding some people think that The date of the event is enough which is not. You must be sure about the time when you want the guests to arrive, and then mention the time accordingly. 

What to write on the response card?

For the new generation a response card would be a new thing. Earlier people would send a response to the invitation by their own means.

Even though response cards are not Compulsory when you are designing a wedding invitation suite but it would be a nice gesture to send a response card so that the invited guests might not get into any trouble while letting you know about their arrival.

The only thing that you should write on the response card is “we would like to know if you will join us or not”.

How to select the theme of the invitation? 

Selecting the design and theme of the wedding invitations is pretty simple. all you need to  do is brainstorm.

Currently there are several trending designs to assist you and suggest you a few ideas we have listed a few of them here.

  • The holiday theme card. it would be a great idea for the destination wedding.
  • A wedding invitation card with your picture and your partner’s picture.
  • All wedding invitation card with the animated cartoon of you and your partner.